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Hugger just got 0 in Valentine Hugfest 08!!! ------ Important Message:
TPG News

Vertigo: Gravity Llama - 07 November 2010

Releasing it very shortly, keep an eye out for it on Kongregate!

Homing Boulders - 19 February 2010

One of the enemies in my upcoming game is the Homing Boulder. It's a large spiked ball which moves in accordance with your position in the level. In normal mode its path finding mechanism isn't so impressive but in Advanced Mode it proves to be a great deal of a challenge.

In Normal Mode, the boulder will switch to the same surface as you, and move one way or the other based on where you are in the level, a lot can be done to trick the boulder in to getting stuck or avoiding you completely.

In Advanced Mode, the screen-wrapping in the world that it is featured in is taken in to account. The boulder will always find the quickest way of getting to you, and rather than switching to the same surface as you, its surface is now based on whether you're above or below the boulder. It also takes dead ends in to account, making sure to avoid them or to not attempt to change sides of the screen if there is a dead end somewhere along the way.

I plan to make another video of World 7, this time demonstrating Advanced Mode and showing how much more difficult a few simple changes can be. In the mean time, the beta is now up, contact me privately somehow (if you're reading this from a forum I visit, you can PM me there), and I will provide you with the necessities for playing!

Back - 17 February 2010

I've neglected the site for quite a while now but decided that I'd update it with some news on my latest project!

Vertigo is a Flash Game about Gravity and Llamas, the objective is (as usual) to reach the exit. But being a llama, you have the ability to walk on ground and ceiling, and to switch between the two. Using this unique ability, you go on a quest to find your home (which is about 8 worlds (80 levels) from where you start.)

For more information on the game, visit the page at, I've also added it to the navigation bar.


In other news, Greg Can Jump managed to make me a fair amount of money, I'm hoping that this game proves to be even more fun and entertaining than that by far!


EDIT: Added and updated more smilies, hope they work! D:

Inactivity - 24 August 2009

I've been doing other stuff and forgot to update the site...

The new game came out a few weeks ago, and despite all sorts of problems and complaints, it's definitely turned out to be my most successful game thus far.

A new image is also going up on the gallery, and the links to the game on the Games page will be adjusted so that they no longer redirect to this page.

Mentlegen and Goliath - 31 July 2009

Take a look at them.

New game coming out tomorrow, if anyone still reads these that is.

Site Redesign - 08 July 2009

A complete redesign and remake of the site is under-way, some of the features include:

+ Improved Gallery with added features.
+ Improved Blog with added features.
+ User system.
+ Added forum.
+ Ability to comment on games.
+ Pretty much everything will be tied in with the user system.
+ Points + Level system (possibly after the redesign).

There may be other things along with this, a release date isn't certain yet but expect a change in the future!

IWBTOG - 06 June 2009

4/07/09 EDIT:

Give me a few days... I promise something maybe... D:

Also, to all the Americans that visit this site, Happy Independence Day!

New Game - 21 May 2009

I've neglected the news section, but I've been very active and you can probably tell by the number of gallery entries since Dr. Toad (see previous article).

I've been hard at work on a new game which is just about finished, I hope to release it sometime in June, right now, I need to finish off the music and then see if anybody is interested in sponsoring it.

For now, here's the mini-site:

Dr. Toad - 07 February 2009

New boss character uploaded to the gallery, check it out.

New Computer - 10 January 2009

My new computer has arrived! And it's proving to be much better than my old one by far already.

I've got PS installed again and I plan to install Flash later.

Expect a new gallery pic up shortly.

Happy New Year - 02 January 2009

This message is from a random computer, my (Jindo)'s current computer is broken and my new one should arrive within 2-3 weeks.

I have a lot of ambitions for this year, as I did last year, but I'm hoping to actually complete them this time...

Winky the Wombat: A very popular character of mine, and its game has been highly anticipated for some time, I hope to atleast make an official start on this game within this year.

Bob's Escape 2: Lower priority but a bigger and improved sequal to Bob's Escape has been something to do for a while.

Ninja Gamer: A game I half-started last year/2007 (I forget) but never finished, I plan to start this one over. The general idea of it was a game which tested your ability to play games, by presenting you with a series of increasingly impossible challenges which questioned basic things such as hand-eye-coordination, reflex, ability to figure things out etc.

A Rhythm Game: Not just any rhythm game. A rhythm game using the number keys 1-9, with a song creation system allowing you to upload mp3s and sync them with notes. My goal would be to produce this as one of the hardest Rhythm Games on the web.

As for the Zombie Game, I haven't forgetten about it, neither have I stopped it. Infact, it will be one of my first releases of the year hopefully. Along with a Team Fortress 2 inspired game.


That's about it, there's almost no way I'll get all of this done this year, but I hope to make a start on most of it :).

For now, have a happy new year and enjoy your visit on these pages whilst they last ;P.

Explosions, Sewers and Sharks on Youtube - 30 November 2008

The video includes yet more features to be added or already added to the game, for your viewing pleasure.

Anybody who sees this from the certain forums will have access to the updated version sometime soon.

Operation Mayhold - 31 October 2008

Yeah the zombie game has a name now, and you can see it so far here:

Be sure to leave a comment on this post, leave bugs, glitchs, opinions and stuff whenever you can, thanks!

Pages - 22 October 2008

Smith's page is finally reaching completion, next step is to use it for the zombie site ;D.

Small Update - 04 October 2008

The Zombie Game is continuing, and here is a preview including a new fire-based weapon (if you can find it!)

Activity Check - 14 September 2008

Just proving that the site and I are still alive.

Also, the Zombie Game has halted, but I will come back to it, I recently started work on a game which will have infinite levels (atleast until you die anyway).

And on that note, TF2 fans check the latest gallery entry.

Happy September? =P

Moar Zombies - 19 July 2008

New preview here:

The preview shows the preloader, the TPG intro, and the menu (without working buttons)

I'm focusing on the menu right now, I'm planning to have more design to it than I currently have (text + a video), the video will be replaced with another video (a black and white montage of game-play in different scenes, settings, with different characters, against different zombies etc).

I have big plans to make this game as awesome as possible :).

Untitled Zombie Game in Progress - 27 May 2008

Wow I've been lazy with updating the site, I've posted some images occasionally and not bothered with posting about them, but I figured I'd better raise more awareness about my upcoming projected.

Untitled Zombie Game is going to be a Zombie Survival game in which you are a member of an elite zombie elimination force sent to an abandoned, zombie infested town called Mayhold.

You're here mainly to wipe out the zombies for various purposes, but you may also find survivors either in need of your help or willing to help you.

The latest preview can be found here:

And if you're too lazy to play it, I haz a video preview right here:

(The game preview has no music yet, but that song will prolly be featured somewhere)


In other news, I uploaded an image sometime a go, hail the mighty Bulbakarp!

New Game and Image! - 29 March 2008


(If you're new and don't know the drill, they're both on the most recent 3 images and games thing above the news system, next to Winky the Wombat and below the navbar.)

Ok I'll go into moar detail:

Cursor Challenge Unlimited is a remake of an old game, except it goes on forever, 4* modes and 5* difficulties, it's avaiable on Kongregate and Newgrounds but people may find it and upload it to other random sites on the internetz.

Nightmare of the Full Moon is some random image I put together on PS from scratch in about 10 minutes, made it for my Deviantart account, to get back into using it ;).

* - I've added a Master mode onto Kongregate and Newgrounds editions of the game, and I'm planning to add a Tetris mode too, and much more if people request (or if people find it too easy).

Audio!? - 08 March 2008

Why yes, I do make random messed up music, occasionally.

But this one is different, this one could actually be considered a song:

A tribute to the most awesome game ever, if not, then just the 90s (But I'd go with ever).


Warp Avoider is coming along nicely, and I'm thinking about making a cartoon (yes, that's right) of Team Fortress 2.

Finally, I'm randomly deciding on finishing Ninja Gamer off, we left off at Stage 3 when my computer died, so I've still got a bit to do on that.

(You may also have noticed that in the first 2 months of the year, I've already submitted 3 games to Newgrounds)

Happy Valentines Day! - 14 February 2008

To celebrate, I made another Valentines Game, just like last years, but bigger, better, and made in about 10 days less time ;)!

Enjoy it!

New Game and Image! - 11 February 2008

Ogotu is now finished, I care not to explain it, click the green stickman icon in the latest games to go to its links.

I've also finished the next Mona Lisa, titled 'Scramble', I care not to explain it.


A New Game? - 26 January 2008

There may be a new game being released today, Jmtb02 Snake.

It's a tribute to an amazing game designer, jmtb02, A snake game in his style, dance music, particle effects and madness :D!

I'll be releasing it today sometime, so I've reset the scores.

Visit his site:

No New Game? - 21 January 2008

So I said that my next game (a tribute) had to be released on the 19th.

It's not the 21st, if anybody cares, the date was pushed back a week, so THIS coming Saturday you'll see the release of Jmtb02 Snake :).

You may notice that there are alot of people send their scores in from the beta version, which is cool I guess ;D.

Stephen will hopefully get round to making some sort of theme for the game.

Other than that, I'm slowly adding levels to Ogotu, it's currently at level 28/42 ;).

Cursor Challenge 2 is on hold, and I got news that my computer should be returning after almost 2 months of supposedly getting repaired.

It's coming back with a new hard-drive and as of then (and after my current projects are released), I will be using the new AS3 to script my games, since it's faster and can do more (Much more...).

Some Late News - 13 January 2008

Firstly, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

That's about as late as it's going to get :).


Ninja Gamer is on hold whilst I finish 2 other projects which I started on this other computer (Yes I'm still waiting for my broken computer to get fixed).

As for the other 2 games, you may now notice that there's a new score-board, this game HAS to be released on January 19th :).

My other game, some people have seen previews of, it's going to be the biggest game I've made since Bob's Escape, with 42 levels, an achievements system (like the Xbox 360), a level selector, automatic save + load and a tutorial :).

I also began work on Cursor Challenge 2 the other day, it's already highly anticipated by everybody who played it on stoned and drunk mode :D.

You can also expect some big changes to this site in the months to come :).

That's all I have to say, and a good year!

Ninja Gamer Update - 03 December 2007

At the time of this news post, I've begun work on Stage 3 ;).

This is making epic progress, Won't be long before it hits the internet :)!

Scoreboard System - 29 November 2007

As you may have noticed if you are a regular, there is a new feature! Scoreboards system. Now Jindo can use this system to create scoreboards for his games and you will be able how high are you ranked in his games!

Enjoy ;)!

-TPG Team

Oh... - 25 November 2007

We still have this feature, nice :3!

Just a reminder for anyone who didn't notice, a game I helped out on was added sometime ago :P.

Go and play Rainbow Block right now!!

Also, we need more ratings and comments on the gallery, so check that stuff out too ;)!

Also, if you're new here, be sure to go to the forum, we at TPG like people :D!

And finally, some information on my next game...

...alot of things, so where do I begin?

Well, it's called Ninja Gamer, and it's heavily based off of a Japanese Gameshow/Tournament known as 'Ninja Warrior' (or Sasuke).

It's one of the toughest obstacle courses in the world, only 2 people have ever beaten it, 'nuf said :P.

So Ninja Gamer is aspiring to become the gaming equivelant of this game show, it'll be hosted on the usual 2 websites, plus other sites that people decide to steal it and put it on :).

So there're 4 stages, each I'm about to go through now!

Stage 1 - 37 seconds - Mouse Stage

6 Mouse-based obstacles await your try, each one takes 2-5 seconds aprox to beat, so this round is the easy part :D!

Stage 2 - 52 seconds - Keyboard Stage

7 Keyboard-based obstacles are now in your way, and with aw 57 second time limit, you'd think that this'd be easier, but you need pure skill to get through this stage ;) (Or so my plans tell me).

Stage 3 - No limit - Boss Stage

6 bosses, each in their own style of game (RPG, Shooter, Platformer etc), you have all the time in the world to beat them, but being bosses, they're not easy :D! Each one gets harder, but most of them should be defeatable in 1-2 minutes, maybe less.

Stage 4 - 30 seconds - Final Stage

This is the main challenge you'll spend 2 weeks trying to get to (not necessarily true).

If you really want to wait for the game to be released before finding out about this game, then stop reading now ;).

Firstly, a long, narrow mouse avoider maze, winding all the way around a larger portion of the "tower", you must go through it quickly as well as avoiding the walls.

Should you be fast and skillful enough to pass that part, you must quickly switch to your keyboard and play a much longer version of the 2nd obstacle in Stage 2, whilst speed is something you're going to hate in this part, you're going to need it to finish the obstacle and achieve 'Total Victory' ;).

If I can make score-board of my own (with help from others of-course), then it may be possible for a Hall of Fame displaying everyone who achieved Total Victory :)!

Anyway, that's pretty much all I wanted to say, since I was here :P.

For more information, visit!

Halloween Game Collab 07 Is Out! - 27 October 2007

You may've noticed a new game if you do actually visit here regularly :P.

Click it to play the Halloween Game Collab 07!

It's a Halloween-based Arcade including around 7-8 mini-games by people (including me of course).

There are mixed feelings about the game over at NG, some people like it, some people hate it, alot of people aren't making sense :).

Let us know what you think of the game! Leave a review or a comment :D!

Smilies Compatible! - 28 September 2007

With help from Smith, my first PHP scripting is these smilies :)!


Agnry Faic Lift - 13 September 2007

The Game is Finally out :D!

Check it out :D!

New Gallery Category - 02 September 2007

I decided to make a category for all my Image Editing Contest Entries to go to, go check them out in the gallery :)!

New colour theme - 30 August 2007

As you can see, the theme has now changed! This is due to some complaints we got about the original colors being too bright and hurting the eyes of pretty much people.

We asked here and there and decided that a black and white theme would be the best. So, here it is!


-TPG Team

Website is up! - 28 August 2007

As the title says, the website is now officially done. Enjoy the gallery, the games and those little messages Winky offers you :P.

Have a great day! We are already having one!

-TPG Team

Gallery finished - 24 August 2007

The gallery system is finally done, now you can view Jindo's awesome works and comment or rate them.

The flash gallery will come next. After this, the site will be ready to rock 'n roll ;).

-TPG Team

Add-ons - 23 August 2007

The news system is completely finished, with a comment option, as well. Also, I have added a system to modify the affiliates.

Next on the list is the image gallery.

-TPG Team

News system - 21 August 2007

The news system is up and working, soon there will be a comment system done, allowing everyone to comment the articles posted.

-TPG Team

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